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BurningRubber 01-12-2017 04:22 PM

OT: SRT Demon ?!
It seems Dodge is fighting to produce the fastest muscle car in the world and... it'll be a Challenger.

Presenting the gosh darn Dodge Challenger SRT DEMON.

Being developed to be faster than the Hellcat, which for those who need a reminder, already comes with 707hp...

No details have really come out at all, but I think they've already caught the attention of the masses.

Check this video out.. it's pretty darn exciting.

Hemi 01-13-2017 02:46 PM

Seems like they took down the video? But nonetheless, I don't even know how fast they plan on getting now. Somewhere in the 800 range? When they started the Hellcat it was only supposed to be 650 or something and it ended up 707. With this they'll probably aim 750 and end up 810 lol.

BurningRubber 01-17-2017 04:32 PM

Re-uploaded it here, but 800hp would be a great number. The new Corvette Yenko/SC comes with 800hp... but that's made by a different company and there's only 50 of them that are going to be made.

BurningRubber 01-26-2017 04:58 PM

On a bright note, Dodge has realized a crucial error that they had with the Hellcat which was the tires. Now the Demon will be coming with essentially cheater slicks. Barely street legal drag radials!


cuda 01-26-2017 07:35 PM

Meanwhile Chevrolet sides on the sidelines and won't return Camaro's to their former glory from back in the days. JUST imagine if we had a Yenko Camaro. On top of that aftermarket packages from brands like Hennessey to make it even more potent similar to what OEM's would do.

BurningRubber 01-27-2017 03:34 PM

Honestly, what I would like to see from Chevy would be the Chevelle SS make a come back. That would be glorious. We'd have the Camaro, Charger, Challenger, Mustang, Barracuda, and the Chevelle. Re-invigorating the muscle car era.

Hemi 01-27-2017 04:33 PM

LOL you asked for a Yenko Camaro ?! Well... here it is ! Via Specialty Vehicle Engineering.

2017 Yenko Chevrolet Camaro with a supercharged 416ci (6.8L) V8 pushing out 800hp.

If you want it though you gotta get on it quick, only 50 will be made.


BurningRubber 01-31-2017 01:12 PM

See now the only thing I'm going to be finding an issue with is that these cars are coming out with so much power, a lot of inexperienced people that have the money are gonna go out and buy one, and then do some damage. Either to themselves or to other motorists out there.

We should have drivers tests before people are allowed to drive these things.

cuda 02-01-2017 01:34 PM

For a bit more insight Dodge just released the following video which highlights how much lighter its getting, something ALL of us will like.


BurningRubber 02-01-2017 04:07 PM

Lol this thing is straight race car haha ! No seats except for drivers seat, removed insulation, removed carpets, speakers, etc. This is going to be too darn cool.

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