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Originally Posted by BurningRubber View Post
They're saying that it should be coming with 757 horsepower so 50 more than the Hellcat because of the "badge" that read the serial number as 0757. That would make sense, and it would be a vast improvement on the Hellcat as it's going to be lighter (200 pounds to shed is naturally an extremely difficult task and very rewarding, especially with wheels), have more power, and the big kicker, drag radials.

Spinnin' ain't winnin'

Words to live by ^^
The numbers get even better, all of this should come in for around $90k, which if you compare to what else you can get, its not too bad.

Basically this is Mopars "GTR" if you know what I mean.

And on that note it would be interesting to see this running a GT-R down the 1/4 mile.
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